A webcomic of depression
sarcasm, irony, and ennui
QTJE updates whenever I can drag myself out of bed.

god bless you (503) 233-1313

actually thats my old number i always do this its (503) 639-3300

typo should been (503) 252-7700

i lied (503) 284-5666 is where im at

ok ok no more fakes this one is real (503) 774-9855

lol bamboozled its actually (503) 231-4352

oops i actually meant (503) 249-6986

i mean actually (503) 285-4691

and instead of that number its actually (503) 253-4848

except instead of twos there are ones

two two five nine three three eight u no the area code or you should

eh yo my number is 867-5309 pls call