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what the hell is a troll call

i wasnt actually one of the chemists i was an engineer working on the synths we had to make lots of very complex organic molecules in small quantities so we had this whole modular synthesis setup there were some seriously complex electronic control systems so they had this whole team of young hotshots fresh out of college paired with these old wizards who could debug a circuit by smell

obviously the project didnt work out though if youve been reading the news about the presidents new mental health initiative then this should sound kind of familiar back then we simply didnt have the tech to make it feasible from a computational standpoint

the idea was that if we could define a basis of effects describing a wide range of deviations from normal then we could catalog a vast collection of molecules according to their effects and apply the principles of negative feedback to control not just behavior but perception and thought as well

god bless you (503) 233-1313

actually thats my old number i always do this its (503) 639-3300

typo should been (503) 252-7700

i lied (503) 284-5666 is where im at

ok ok no more fakes this one is real (503) 774-9855

lol bamboozled its actually (503) 231-4352

oops i actually meant (503) 249-6986

i mean actually (503) 285-4691

and instead of that number its actually (503) 253-4848